First-time use

For first-time users, we recommend the “Starter Pack” which gives you a comprehensive 1-hour experience at the gym. If you plan to use the gym for more than 1 hour, please refer to the separate registration and usage fees below.

Starter Pack

2,000 yen

Registration fee + 1 hour usage fee + rental of equipment

Extension: 1,000 yen / hour

No-time limit

Registration fee + Entrance fee

See below for the registration fee.

For the usage fees, refer to the price list.

Registration fee (first time only)

1,650 yen

1,100 yen (friend referral)

The registration fee includes rental climbing shoes and chalk. Sport clothing is not included.

※Please come with an ESCALADE member.

ー Price List ー




All day
Basic 1,320 yen 1,650 yen
Student・Senior 1,100 yen
Kids 1,100 yen

Special prices

Day All day
Ladies Day Monday 1,100 yen
Student・Senior Day Wednesday 880 yen
Mens Day Friday 1,100 yen

Weekend and holidays





All day
Basic 1,540 yen 1,540 yen 2,200 yen
Student・Senior 1,650 yen
Kids 1,430 yen

※Students must present a student ID card. Seniors (60+ years old) must present an identification card.

※Kids prices are for children up to the 6th grade of elementary school.

Equipment rental

Shoes Chalk Sportswear
330 yen 110 yen 550 yen

※If you need only the t-shirt or only the short pants, the price becomes 330 yen.

※The gym has a limited number of sportswear equipment. Please understand that we may be unable to provide it if we exceed it.

– Monthly Pass and Combo Tickets –

Monthly Pass

Basic 12,100 yen
Automatic bank transfer 11,000 yen
Student・Senior 11,000 yen
Weekday lunch 10:00-18:00 8,800yen

※Students must present a student ID card. Seniors (60+ years old) must present an identification card.

※Weekday lunch pass holders can use them on weekday evenings for an additional fee of 300 yen per use. It can also be used on weekends and holidays for an additional fee of 550 yen.

Combo Tickets

5 entrances

Can be used anytime, weekend and holidays included

7,150 yen

※Cannot be transferred to another person

– Other –

Special Rates

Weekday Student Group


5+ people

770 yen / person

※ If using the gym for the first time, the usual separate registration fee will be asked (no usage fee)

Party & Corporate Bookings


10:00∼16:00 20,000 yen/hour
16:00∼18:00 N/A
18:00∼23:00 30,000 yen/hour

Weekend and holidays

10:00∼12:00 30,000 yen/hour
12:00∼19:00 N/A
19:00∼23:00 30,000 yen/hour

※In addition of the above, the usual registration and usage fees are also charged. If using the gym for the first time, climbers will be charged 2,000 yen (registration + usage + equipment rental fee). For subsequent times, please refer to the price list and categories.