- FAQ -

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?

A. Reservations are not required. Please come anytime.

Q. I don’t have any bouldering experience, is it okay?

A. You can enjoy bouldering even if you are inexperienced. Our walls have many difficulty levels and our staff will be pleased to guide you through them. Come to Escalade with the same mindset as going bowling or trying out an arcade!

Q. Should I bring some equipment?

A. Bring comfortable sport clothing and socks. Climbing shoes can be rented. For an additional fee, we can also provide sport clothing for rent.

Q. Should I prepare anything before coming to the gym?

A. You can already register as a member on our application in advance for a smoother experience. You can download the application from our “Registration” page then complete the registration process.

Q. Do all visitors need to register as members?

A. Registration is required for gym users. If you are accompanying another user as an observer and do not plan to climb, you do not need to register.

Q. What should I do if I want to visit with my kids and they do not have a smartphone?

A. Normally, the phone app serves as a membership card. However, if you don’t have a smartphone, please register directly at the store. We will issue a paper membership card.

Q. From what age can I start?

A. Our gym users must be at least 5 years old. In addition, please note that the size of our rental shoes starts at 20cm. If you need smaller shoes, please bring your pair of shoes.

Q. Is there a place to park my car or my bike?

A. Our gym does not have a dedicated parking lot, so if you come by car, please use one of the parking lots in the Shinjuku area. As for bicycles, we have a bicycle parking space in front of the gym. Please use it.

Q. I forgot my membership number and password for the Escalade app and cannot log in.

A. Please let us know when visiting the store. We will recover your details and help you log in the app.

    Feel free to contact us on our Official LINE

    You can message our staff after adding us as friend. We will try to answer your questions with an automatic reply system. If the question is too complex for the system, we will answer as soon as possible using the chat function!