Business hours

Mon. Tue. Fri. Sat. Sun. 10:00∼24:00

Last entrance at 23:00

Wed. Thu. 10:00∼23:00

Last entrance at 22:00

No regular holidays (can occasionally close temporarily)

About us

ESCALADE Climbing Gym opened in January 2012.

Thriving towards a concept of “the world’s most beginner-friendly gym” , it is a gym that can be enjoyed by climbers of any level.

There are 6 walls with different inclination levels. The gentler ones have an inclination of 85° and 90°, the stronger ones of 105°/115°/125°/140°.
We also have a training area where you will find a campus board, a stretching space, a simulation board, and others.


Nickname: Ari

Alias: All rounder

Highest grade: Bouldering RP 4dan/V13, Lead red point 8b+

Quote: We will touch you with the passion of climbing!

Certified instructor from Japan Mountain Guides Association

Nickname: Machan

Alias: Hatching

Highest grade: Bouldering RP 3kyuu

Quote: I love frogs! I’m doing my best to improve recently!