For Beginner

First visit/Registration

No reservation is required to visit the gym. Please come to the gym when is convenient for you.
The Escalade Smartphone Application is used as a membership card. Please install it and register in advance.

The flow after install is as follows.

ACOUNTCreate accountRegister with Input formLog in

Follow the steps below to place the app on your device’s home.

It is also possible to install the app while at the gym. There is a free-wifi available in the shop. Please be aware that the registration procedure takes about 10 minutes.


After registration as a member, we will ask you to pay an entrance fee. Please refer to the price list in the page menu.

We recommend the “Starter Pack” if you are a first-timer!

It includes the initial registration fee + 1-hour usage fee + equipment rental (sport clothes, climbing shoes, climbing chalk) for 2,000 yen including tax.


The staff will guide you through the facilities.
After changing clothes, leaving your luggage and valuables in a locker, and after stretching and warming up, the staff will guide you with climbing instructions.

Climbing instructions and choosing rental shoes

You will watch a 5 minutes video explained the usage and safety rules for climbing at the facility. If you have any question or concern about the rules and precautions, please ask our staff.

Then, we will help you to choose climbing shoes that fit your size. You will also receive climbing chalk.

Enjoy Climbing!!

After completing the instructions, start climbing!
Balance and technique are important. You will climb better if you take the time to observe the climbing problems carefully! If there is a problem that you cannot climb or do not understand, please ask our staff who will be happy to give you advice.

After climbing

Please return your shoes and chalk to the appointed box when you leave.
For those who want to improve and learn how to climb from the basics, we also have a school with one-to-one classes through appointment only.

We are waiting for you!